4th UK InterPore Conference

University of Aberdeen Sir Duncan Rice Library

On behalf of the organising committee, we are very pleased to invite you to participate in the joint 4th UK InterPore Conference organized jointly by Total E&P UK Geoscience Research Centre (GRC) and the University of Aberdeen on September 10th and 11th, 2018.

The UK chapter of International Society for Porous Media www.interpore.org (UK InterPore) is the international society’s representative organisation in the UK. It was established in 2015 with the aim of strengthening the porous media-related research in the UK, by creating synergy among UK-based researchers both in academia and industry, and to establish and maintain formal links with similar organisations in Europe and beyond. UK InterPore is a fast growing community and since its start in 2015, it has held very successful annual events in Edinburgh (2015), Loughborough (2016) and Warwick (2017).

This year 2018 the UK InterPore conference will be held jointly by Total E&P UK Geoscience Research Centre (GRC) and the University of Aberdeen.

Porous media are encountered in many systems. Some examples are processes in fuel cells, paper-pulp drying, food production and safety, filtration, concrete, ceramics, moisture absorbents, textiles, paint drying, polymer composites, and detergent tablets. The most well-known natural porous media involving multiphase flow and transport are soils, aquifers, and reservoirs but such processes also occur in the biomechanics of porous tissues, engineered tissues, and in-tissue drug delivery. The aim of the InterPore society is to provide a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas for the modelling of flow and transport in complex porous media.

King’s College, University of Aberdeen